Social media is constantly evolving. Just when you think you’ve figured out what your audience wants, a new update or platform comes along and you’re thrown off track. While you may have a love/hate relationship with your social media now, our tips will make it easier on you to get the attention and engagement you need from the right people.

Get visual.

Visual content is everything these days. Gone are the days where just a text blurb could get you engagement – times have changed! Bold photos, video & live streaming are all going to give you a shot at higher engagement rates. Our recommendation is to invest in a photographer to get those beautiful, professional images that will make your brand or product stand out from the rest. Not in the budget? Go with stock photos from or instead.

Know your audience.

This is major key! You wouldn’t market a full set of dentures to an 18 year old, right? Know who your audience is and post accordingly. Check your analytics on each platform or use reporting software like Sprout Social if you’re unsure – sometimes it might surprise you!

Try new platforms.

With new platforms on the rise such as Snapchat & Periscope, it is critical to evolve into what’s new and hot. Test out each new platform and see how your audience responds. Not every platform will make sense for your brand so don’t force it. To reach a younger audience, try Instagram and Snapchat. To reach an older audience, stick with Facebook. Male audience.. go with Twitter!

Set up ads.

We have to face the facts; Facebook organic engagement rates are extremely low, it will only continue to get worse, and the only thing we can do about it is spend money on ads. No matter how amazing or colorful your Facebook post might be, the truth is it might only reach 6% of your fans, heartbreaking! Set aside a budget each month used for boosting your prime posts!

Be consistent.

Consistency is important for your brand when posting content. Your fans expect to see the type of content that is and screams your brand story. First, make sure that your images have a similar, branded style to them (Lauren Conrad is a GREAT example). Most importantly, stick to that social media strategy you worked so hard to create. If you like to post #TuesdayTips, post them every Tuesday, not just sometimes when you feel like it.

They say that the only thing constant in life is change – and that holds true! Keep up with what’s new and trending and it is sure to pay off in the end. Following our social media best practices will put you on the right path to success.