Streaming live video is quickly gaining not only popularity, but increased momentum on Facebook as brands and companies are striving to find new ways to reach their audiences on social media. What makes this different from just uploading regular videos? Streaming live is real-time, live action video that allows you to “in-the-moment” share whatever content it is you’re doing, promoting, or discussing. The benefit of streaming live is increased engagement over regular uploaded videos and of course, just photos and text-only posts. We’re sharing our five best tips for streaming live video on Facebook below!

Promote your live stream:

Make sure your audience knows you’ll be going live and give them something to look forward to. Without announcing it ahead of time, you might be missing some of your audience that would’ve loved to “attend.” You can also tell your audience to “follow” your live streams so that they’ll get a notification next time you go live.

Give them enough time to get hooked:

Just like with anything else on social media, you need to keep your audience’s attention. You will lose the attention of your viewers if you make your live-streams too lengthy, but you want to give them enough time to be able to tune in and tell their friends about it. The best time minimum? Ten minutes. The maximum? 90 minutes. You can accomplish a ton in 10-90 minutes!

Be creative & consistent:

Quality always trumps quantity. Don’t live stream just for the sake of it, make sure you have worthy content to push! Need some ideas? Host a live contest, a question and answer session, or a “behind the scenes” tour. Let your audience feel like they’re getting something that is exclusive and exciting. As always, be consistent and keep up with your streaming!

Don’t stream on a crappy connection:

It’s frustrating enough when you can’t get a regular video to load that you can easily catch later due to a less than ideal internet connection. It’s a whole other issue to let your audience down because you’re not on a strong connection for a live stream! Don’t lose your audience – always be connected to reliable wifi or 4G!

Interact with your audience:

A great benefit to live streaming is the ability to interact with your audience in real-time. Answer their questions, respond to their comments and address them by name. Your fans and followers will love being engaged with directly and this will only help you build relationships along the way!

You don’t have to be a movie star to stream live video on Facebook, just follow our five simple tips! Have you tried live streaming yet?