Every year it seems as though the Social Media industry grows beyond belief. Now that we’ve reached 2015, let’s reminisce on some of the top Social Media mistakes from 2014 so that we can all avoid them this year. Learning the basics will help you keep up with arising trends of 2015. Happy New Year from 101 Management!


Failing to plan is planning to fail!

You wouldn’t go on a road trip without your map or GPS, right? Exactly! A strategy with a set plan AND your goals mapped out is a MUST when planning your Social Media attack. Set your goals, do your research, and plan your moves for each outlet for which you want your presence known.


Not knowing your audience:

Educate yourself and don’t walk in blind. Know where your audience “hangs out” and focus on those specific areas and outlets. Keep your posts relevant to your business, product, and demographic. Don’t promote to the wrong audience,or  you’ll be wondering why your traffic statistics are down.


Thinking a blog is a waste of time:

Regularly updating your website’s blog keeps your content current and that is key when trying to optimize your rankings within Google. Blog posts don’t need to be lengthy research papers, keep them simple, relevant, and interesting.


Not engaging your followers:

It happens all the time. If a follower, which is a potential or current customer, reaches out to you on your social outlets, let them know you hear them. Interact with your audience. Your consumers are your walking advertisements and you want them to be happy!


Giving up when you don’t get instant results:

Market it, and they will come. The Social Media world is vast and expansive, immediate results are not realistic. Don’t throw in the towel if you don’t see an instant climb in your analytics reports. In time you will see a difference, patience grasshopper!