Right when we finally got used to the last set of changes that Facebook made, they decided to come out with even more new updates to their platform and algorithm! While it’s tough to keep over 1.65 billion users happy all at once, the new algorithm update isn’t going to make small businesses very excited about their future with Facebook. The new Facebook algorithm is all about prioritizing the user’s news feed with posts from their friends, family, and “core values.” What does that mean for you and your small business? It seems as though the days of organic reach and unpaid advertising on Facebook are long gone. This new algorithm change only solidifies that notion and now it might be even harder to reach the audience that you want without paying to target them. Our CEO and founder, Emi Melker, has some of her own thoughts and advice on the subject below!

The idea behind this new algorithm is that Facebook is trying to increase sharing across the platform as a whole. While small businesses already rely heavily on boosting posts and running ads, it has now becoming a necessity with the new algorithm changes. This makes it even more important for every company with a social presence to have an advertising plan and budget in place for Social Media. If you want your Social Media content seen or engaged with, then you are going to have to pay for it.

This algorithm change isn’t all negative though – there is a silver lining to this update. If your business posts a lot of shareable content on Facebook (viral news articles, highly engaged videos, etc…), then this new algorithm could actually be better for you. For example, Forbes articles are shared by thousands of users on Facebook every single day, and those users’ post shares will now be seen more frequently than Forbes original post of the article. Moral of the story? If you aren’t posting viral content, it’s time to start incorporating new ideas into your social media strategy. You’ll have a better chance of being seen by the masses.

No one actually knows what the outcome of this algorithm change will be; only time and analytics will tell. It’s always a good idea to be prepared and it’s never too late to dig up an advertising budget.”

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