Voice is a powerful thing, and words shared across a digital screen can speak even louder than we might intend.
When it comes to your brand, great care should be taken while communicating through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google +, your blog, email newsletters and of course your website. It should go without saying that your spelling and grammar must always be perfect. But more than that, how are you establishing yourself, your brand, or your product through the written word?

Questions to ask yourself:


  1. What “person” is speaking? As in, will your posts be written in the first person, or the third person? Once decided, your posts should stay consistent.
  2. How would you describe your tone? Witty? Or more earnest? A short sentence or an exclamation point can completely change how a post will be received by your audience.
  3. Is your brand’s “personality” shining through? Will followers feel a connection with your written content? For example, if a huge part of what defines your brand is the fact that you operate out of New York City, how are you expressing that “New York cool-factor”?
  4. Does your writing prompt an action? When promoting your brand, and all of the amazing content you produce, you are ultimately asking your audience to DO something every time you share a post. Make sure your calls to action are clear. The easier your writing is to share, the more your audience will do it!

Overall, it’s essential to know who you are as a brand, and express yourself accordingly. Any other tips to add? Comment below!