It’s a no-brainer that there’s importance in crafting our social media posts to appeal to our defined target audience. One-post-fits-all doesn’t always apply, though. If you have a global audience, one of your posts at 3 p.m. could reach part of your audience near bedtime, which could interfere with your community strategy. Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case, and there’s a simple two-step fix on Facebook with its geotargeting feature. With geotargeting, you can geographically target your Facebook posts and reach a specific determined audience by factors such as location, gender, interests, age, relationship status, and more. Targeting on Facebook is easy, but the default setting on your page may have the option hidden, so let’s make sure the setting is turned on before we get started.

Turn On Facebook’s Geo-Target Feature
Make sure you’re in your Facebook Page of choice’s Settings (at the top of the page, the Settings button should be in plain sight.) After you check this option, you’re all ready to post!


Geotargetting Your Facebook Post
Now that your page has the feature enabled, let’s get to posting. Return to the Page view and craft a Facebook post, as usual. You’ll notice a new grid-like cross-hairs button on the bottom left – click that.


Once you click the button to set a News Feed audience for your post, you’ll notice tons of options you can segment your post with, as seen below. For explanation purposes, I’ll be targeting an audience ages 20-30.


Below, you can see the layout Facebook uses to geo-target its posts. With their drop-downs, you can easily select multiple demographics and reach either wide ranges or very specific groups of users. For example, if you wanted to reach young, recent college graduates, you might try targeting like such below. Notice the “targeted to:” number has decreased in size. This is not a bad thing – it will ensure that you are more likely to reach the audience of your choosing.


As you can see, you can select just one, or possibly even all of the Facebook targeting options, to reach your preferred audience. You can write posts in Russian for just your Russian customers, or advertise a 21+ event for people 21 and over. The possibilities are endless! Do you regularly geotarget your customers, or have seen better results after trying our tutorial? Let us know in our comments!