There’s no question that Google is the most utilized search engine by a landslide. That being said, for optimal SEO, it’s important to spread your online presence to as many services linked to Google as possible. After all, one could only assume that information hosted on Google’s own servers might perform pretty decently in their search results.

With the new Google My Business, managing your Google Places listing (maps), building customers on Google +, tracking your social engagement, viewing Google and YouTube analytics, and managing your Adwords campaigns is now all available on one single dashboard. Management of your web presence on Google has never been easier!

Here are our favorite things about the new Google My Business after the jump!

Combining Google Services:

Of course, filling out tons of forms with the same exact information about your company is time-consuming and can be very tedious. Luckily, Google My Business helps to solve this issue by giving us the option to redistribute our business information onto all of Google’s connected services, which include Google Search, Google Maps, and Google +.

This means no more redundantly copying and pasting or re-typing the same information into each separate Google platform. Simply type your information in once and watch it spread among all the different services Google offers.

The Dashboard:

Here’s how Google my Business works. Log into your Google Business account at and you’ll see:

  • The option to edit all of your business information including images, hours, contact information, and descriptions
  • New followers that have connected with your business
  • Brand new reviews on your Google Local listing
  • The results of your latest Adwords campaign
  • Insights on your website and Youtube account
  • The option to video chat with your co-workers and clients on Google Hangouts

This means you don’t need to log in to every separate Google URL to access each separate service, or constantly check up on each Google page to see how your business’s social presence is doing. Not only does this save time, but also helps to keep you on top of things that may be harder to stay updated on, like a Google review, which could happen at any given moment.

We think these new features will save a great amount of time and optimize the social reach of local businesses! What are your favorite features of the new Google My Business?