The importance of Google+ is oftentimes overlooked, which can be attributed to the fact that users still don’t grasp the full functionality of a Google Plus page. But, it is extremely important to have a Google+ account for SEO, have your page optimized, update it, and get reviews on that account. Not only do these pages add another social media layer to your online presence, but they also offer built-in features to give your business the opportunity to directly communicate with Google’s search engine about the details and benefits of your brand. In this blog, we will focus on the benefits as they relate to posting on your Google+ page feed. For more information on Google+ and Google My Business setup, check out this blog.

The Google Plus page features work in a few different ways, but most importantly through personalization. For example, if your friends and colleagues +1 (Google+’s way of liking an article) an article on the internet, then that site is more likely to rank higher in the results of Google for YOU, if you are logged into Google. Based on Google’s algorithm, your search results are tailored based on your friends’ and acquaintances’ views and +1s. It determines this data by whom you put into your “Circles” on Google+ and who you email through your Gmail account.

There are a lot of SEO experts who debate if this really matters in the grand scheme: global rankings. Most believe (and some have conducted massive studies to prove) that it does not have any effect on overall global rankings (SEO). This is because currently, the social posts we see on Google+ have some relevance, but mainly for discovery only. But, to make your head spin a bit more, with Google’s new algorithm release of Hummingbird, they are starting to be able to process signals other than links from social platforms. So a much more grand algorithm, to incorporate Social Platforms, is being added. This means that eventually, ALL social posts will matter for SEO…we hope!

With that said, your business should certainly post on Google+, perhaps important items only. Daily posts need not be necessary for everyone, but any articles, press releases, or blogs that are important for discovery should be shared on your Google+ business page.