If you want to increase traffic to your website, it needs to be likeable. Increasing the likeability of your website is controlled by a few factors: optimized and fresh content, website page speed, organization of your website, and your social media sharing strategy. Making sure all these items are in place will help make your website more likeable and drive more traffic (potential clients & customers!) to it in no time.

Content is KEY! Making sure your website stays fresh and relevant will keep users happy, thus making your website likeable! Keeping your content refreshed often also helps your SEO rankings. With content, however, quality over quantity is going to win. Fluffing your website with irrelevant nonsense just to make it look recently updated isn’t going to fool anyone!

Testing someone’s patience should NOT be the goal of your website. You want your users and followers to be able to browse swiftly and find what they need with ease. If you’re website is slowing them down, chances are it’s not very likeable. And of course, page speed can and will affect your Google rankings! A professional (like 101 Management!) can help speed up your website.

Just like you wouldn’t invite friends over and leave your house a disaster area, you wouldn’t want to invite your customers (or potential customers) to a messy website. Your website is a reflection of your business and it should be kept organized. Keeping your website tidy will increase your likeability because your users will be able to find what they’re looking for. Keep your information designated to categories and make sure your behind the scenes information is organized as well.

Including social media sharing buttons on your website is a fantastic idea, it makes your content shareable and can drive traffic to your website. However, don’t overdo it. You don’t need to include every social media platform’s share button all over your website. You want your website to be likeable, not overpowering. Include a few share buttons for the platforms that are relevant to YOUR website.

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