Since visual content is the king of all media these days, it makes perfect sense that Pinterest is on the rise. Pinterest has a huge user base and that gives way to more opportunity to get your brand noticed. However, it takes a little more than just uploading any old photograph you have lying around! Keep reading for our tips on optimizing your posts so that they’re perfect for Pinterest.

Image quality & size:
It’s a no-brainer that your images should be the highest resolution when uploading to Pinterest. Blurry or pixelated images aren’t going to get a lot of love! Image size is also key. Pinterest images should be 600 pixels wide, and the longer the better.

Strong caption:
Descriptive text and images are necessary when posting images to Pinterest; always add some text to the caption area. You also want to be sure that the description matches where the link is going to take the pinner. No one is happy when they’re mislead. This is your chance to throw some SEO onto your pins by a rich and descriptive caption! Keep it short and sweet, around 200 characters.

Add a Call-to-Action:
A call-to-action reminds your pinners to actually click the link! We all need a little reminder sometimes. Adding this to your pins will only increase your engagement (and that’s the goal, right?).

Giving credit where it’s due:
We’ve mentioned this before in reference to other social media platforms, and it’s the same for Pinterest. Always credit whoever’s pin you’re pinning if it doesn’t belong to you.

Add your logo:
While we encourage always giving credit to someone’s work, there are users out there who don’t. You can protect your images by adding your logo (keep it small!) or watermark. This way, your images will always link back to you.

Pinterest can be great for your business and your SEO strategy. However, pinning for personal use is definitely different than pinning for your brand. Follow our tips for optimizing your posts for Pinterest and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!