LinkedIn is the World’s largest professional networking tool. For that reason alone, you should be using LinkedIn to grow your brand.  Unlike Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn is used strictly for business networking purposes. With the major boom in social media over recent years, we know that every brand needs to make a name for itself over the social networks.  How can you grow via LinkedIn? Read on to learn more!

Your LinkedIn profile will read like you and your brand’s online resume..
So make it count, make it honest, and make it UNIQUE! Having a LinkedIn profile in place will also help search engines find you (SEO), since your name/brand will have another “page” for them to find, thus increasing your traffic.  Using LinkedIn for professional networking is a great way to connect with other people in your field and a great way to grow by who you meet along the way.

Find your “core network” by searching for your friends, family, and colleagues..
These people are your trusted brand advocates (free advertising!). Your core network has their own core network, and other networks on top of that- that’s a ton of potential people to see what you have to offer!

Expand your network..
You can search for people with related professional interests (such as if your business was jewelery making or photography for example), industry type, and location. When you make new business contacts, at a networking event for example, ALWAYS connect with them on LinkedIn. When you find potential business networking connections on LinkedIn, you can request an “introduction” to further your engagement with that person/brand ambassador.

Sharing content is key..
Just like other social media platforms, sharing relevant content frequently is necessary (and the optimal sharing times are Tuesday & Thursdays between 7-9 am or 4-6 pm)! Keep your profile fresh and updated, no one likes stale content that isn’t relevant.

With that being said, make sure you’re growing your brand and not inhibiting it by fear of social media. LinkedIn is a wonderful professional networking site that can provide many new contacts and opportunities for you, your brand, and your business.  It doesn’t matter what your brand is, you can make connections on LinkedIn. It’s always a good resource to have as well! As you can see, these contacts and connections can help your brand and business grow to new heights.