With January whizzing by at the speed of light, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of what social media trends are heading our way this year. The social and business worlds are now only divided by a thin blurred line between them in the digital scene, making social media one of the most important factors in reaching your target audience. Keeping up with innovative trends this year is only going to help you reach your goals.

Mobile Optimization:

Society is constantly looking down at their phones, thus making mobile screens the first place many consumers see your website or social platforms. Mobile optimization is expected to grow this year making everyone’s mobile experience much more user-friendly. Social platforms are also expected to make expand their mobile capabilities. Optimization is going to be the “optimal” choice in 2015.

Visual Elements:

With Instagram and Pinterest users reaching new heights, visual branding is climbing to meet the demands. Images and infographics get more views, traffic, and hits than just the “old-fashioned” text only posts of yesteryear (a picture is worth a thousand words!). Spice up your posts to be visually appealing, that’s what people are looking for. Videos are also going to be booming. If you’re not posting videos, you may want to consider starting, stat!

Social Media Shopping:

As if there weren’t enough ways to do your shopping without ever stepping into a store, now several big-hitters in the social media world (universe is a better way to describe it) may begin to offer “Buy” buttons onto their websites. Facebook and Twitter have already begun their testing to add this feature, making it even easier for your consumer to make a purchase- how convenient!


We’ve all heard of some major hackings lately, unfortunately. However, security measures are being ramped up like never before. Expect new security features in 2015, making the digital world more protected against theft of personal information. Just recently, Google added a brand new section to their tips page about protecting yourself from digital crime- thanks Google!


With everyone (EVERYONE!) being socially involved these days, coming up with creative content to top your competitors is necessary. Your visuals, text, videos, handles (and the list goes on), etc. all need to be unique and attention grabbing. Always try to be original and if you need help; seek it (rather than letting your social media posting be drab and “been there, done that”).