Planning an event is always exciting! It becomes a reality once the invitation goes out – whether it be digital on Facebook or an old-fashioned style paper invitation sent via snail mail. No matter what the event is, the goal is attendance. Marketing your event can increase awareness of your brand and reach your attendance goals. Social media is a great avenue in which to do so. Read along for our tips in marketing your event on social media.

Imagery & creativity:
We can’t reiterate enough how important visual content (photos and videos) is for everything you do on social media – event marketing is no different. When you create an event on Facebook, always add a relevant and interesting image. This is the first picture your fans and possible attendees will see of your event – make it count and make it enticing!

Make it shareable:
Your event will probably be displayed on your website somewhere – add the buttons for your social media pages somewhere visible. This makes your event shareable onto your valued followers’ pages, which helps your event reach a bigger audience.

Sponsoring your event:
Facebook has several great marketing features that can be used to push your event further. You can either “boost” your event so that it reaches more of an audience who may not have seen it, or you can create an entire targeted ad geared towards building your attendance based on how much you want to spend. These are excellent tools!

Tweet it:
One tweet about your event will never be enough! Stay on top of tweeting frequently about your upcoming event since Twitter moves at such a fast pace. Utilize appropriate hashtags to make connections throughout the platform while raising awareness of your event.

Following our simple steps can help boost your attendance rates. Visual content will rule everything around us from here on out, event invitations are no different! Adding your social network buttons to your website, boosting your event posts, and frequently tweeting are all ways to create awareness and reach your attendance goals at your next event. If you have any questions about social media marketing, please contact us.