In our last blog post we discussed the social media trends that are on the horizon for this year. We later realized that we left out some important items. There are several changes that we’re dying to see in 2016 – why aren’t they happening yet?!

Multiple logins for Instagram:

Why isn’t this available? We give Twitter major props for how easy they make switching between accounts with their toggle system. For social media managers of multiple accounts, it would be a lifesaver to be able to  rotate accounts as easily on Instagram. Get with it, Instagram – it’s 2016!

Scheduling Instagram posts:

Since we’re already chatting about Instagram… We know that we can ‘kind of’ schedule Instagram posts on Hootsuite and other similar platforms, but WHY do we still need to login to each account, edit the image, AND paste the caption and hashtags? Someone really needs to streamline this already! Time is money.

Get rid of influencer promotions:

Are you tired of seeing celebs and Insta-famous bloggers post about products you KNOW they would never use in a million years? Us too. While we know these kinds of gigs pay the big bucks, we would much rather see real content.

Irrelevant ads:

How about asking more questions when we signup for a platform so you can be sure I’m not seeing an ad for dentures when I’m 30, k? I know I use Pinterest to find my own inspiration, not what Pinterest has to ‘suggest’ for me for 15 pins in a row. Ugh.


Organic reach really reaching:

We know our posts on Facebook are brilliant pieces of art and we just can’t wait to share them with the digital world. Do you have any idea how heartbreaking it is to see your beautiful post reach only 6% of your following? It’s crushing. As much as we know that Facebook wants to make their money, honey, we’d love for our organic reach to reach a little further. Sigh.

We’re REALLY hoping to see these changes, stat! Life as digital marketing and social media specialists would be so much easier. What changes do you want to see?