1. Logo

Having an idea for a business is just the start. The very first thing a website needs is a logo. If you don’t have the budget for this, a simple font logo will be sufficient.

2. Sitemap

What are you selling? What service do you offer? The best way to layout the “map” of your new website is to review and analyze your competitor’s websites. Get ideas from each, and compile a list of pages and sections that you want to feature on your own website. Most websites have the basic structure of:

3. Content

From the exercise above, you should have a clear idea of what pages you want on the website. The next step is to write a brief overview for each page.  If you are struggling with this, most website design agencies, like 101 Management Inc., have copywriters on staff that can assist you.

4. Images

If you have an office and staff, then you should hire a photographer to take pictures for the website. Otherwise, there are amazing stock photography websites to pull images from. It won’t look as authentic this way, but it will suffice until you grow your business.

5. Domain & Hosting

Once you compile all of the above, regardless of if you plan to build the website yourself, or if you chose to hire a website designer, then you will need a domain (URL) and hosting. If you’re not sure what these are, check out this blog.

Purchase a domain or URL that is relatively short, and preferably, is your business name.  Hosting can be purchased inexpensively from sites like GoDaddy, but speak to your website designer before moving forward with a plan. Our preferred and favorite hosting provider is Pressidium, which offer superb hosting and management of WordPress websites.

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