Most brands with an online social presence choose to utilize one or a few of the top networks, like Facebook and Twitter, for obvious reasons such as a large user base and easily accessible digital metrics. Visual content, like photographs and branded images, get nearly double the response and engagement on even these social media platforms. This one statement says enough about how users love to consume digital media – think Buzzfeed, and any of the visual social platforms whose users have grown exponentially! The emergence of networks such as Instagram and Pinterest adds significantly to your amount of reach opportunities in your social strategies. The old statement reads true – a picture says a thousand words. Below are our tips on making the most out of visual social media mediums!

Be Original: Personalize the content for your by creating your own original graphics. Original content can range from iPhone photos relevant to your brand, to quote images or infographics. Creating your own content will diversify yours from the overload of shared images on the web and increase your chances of exposure! For example, Pinterest’s pin statistics are made up of 20% original pins and 80% repins of these original images. Aspire to inspire and attract your users with your own aesthetically pleasing images.

Optimize your reach: The only downside of images is that they can’t do all the work. Social platforms use text in their algorithms to spread posts to their audience through keywords and hashtags, so it’s important to attach text to the captions of your pictures with a call to action and optimized description. Placing your logo on your images boost brand awareness, especially when your images are being shared a great deal! Make sure your account is optimized, too, with a proper username and detailed bio leaving users with the best impression of your brand.

Keep it consistent: The images used in your visual social media content should maintain a similar theme, or “feel.” This will help to demonstrate your brand’s story to your users. If users are attracted to the overall look and theme of your visuals, they will more likely feel like they can relate to your brand.

Remember, Pinterest is the 4th largest driver of web traffic worldwide, and Instagram gets more engagement than any social network! Take advantage of these social resources by adding your brand to these content goldmines. What are your favorite visual social media practices? Let us know in the comments below!