With all of the changes this year to Facebook’s design, I’m not surprised at all that Twitter released some much needed additions to their network. Here’s a brief update of the new features:

1) The Header: To spice up your Twitter profile page you’ll need a picture, preferably 1200×600 (max 5MB). Try choosing an image that is not distracting and has no font. Go to your settings > design page and upload there. Note: the image will look different on mobile, so make sure to test it first.

2) Switch seamlessly between accounts. This feature is only available on iOS devices, but boy does this make life easy!

3) Small Business Advertising: No more $5000 minimums for Social Advertising, you can try this with a dollar to spend. Choose from: promoting your account (“Follow @101mngmnt”), Targeted Tweets (choose a category), promoting trends (promote to a specific trending topic), or my personal favorite: Promoted Tweets.

Promoted Tweets: This is the Twitter version of a Facebook Promoted Post. Essentially, you tweet, then you pay for more users to see your tweet. You can target which users see your tweet based on who they follow, what type of tweets they engage with most often, and by how often they use Twitter.

For more information on Advertising with Twitter watch this short video or call us! https://business.twitter.com/en/smallbiz/