Are you getting the maximum engagement from your Facebook posts? The ideal Facebook post requires several items to make them the best they can be and catch the attention they deserve. Follow our tips for posting on Facebook so that you’re using your time and social media skills efficiently!

Add a photo or video:
Visual content will take your posts further on Facebook. Facebook posts with text only get less engagement than those with a photo or video attached. One of our main tips for posting on Facebook is to make sure your posts are visually appealing for maximum engagement with your followers.

Ideal length:
Twitter isn’t the only social media platform that has its “limits” when it comes to text content. On Facebook, you can input as much text as you want in your posts, but it’s better to keep them short and to the point; don’t draw it out too long. The length of a Facebook post should be between 50-99 characters for maximum engagement potential. That’s even less than Twitter! Use your targeting wisely.

Add an emoticon:
You read that correctly, add those emoticons! Don’t overload your Facebook posts with emoticons, but be sure to add a smiley face from time-to-time. Emoticons actually make your posts more sharable. ☺

Ask a question or add a survey:
One of the best ways to get engagement from your Facebook posts is to ask a question or provide a survey. These type of posts get the dialogue flowing and your followers will want to give their input on the subject. Even a simple questions like, “What made you smile today?”

Make an offer they can’t refuse:
Promotions and discounts will organically drive Facebook users to like your page; it’s a natural human response to love a sale! Offering any type of sale, even a minor one, intrigues curiosity.

Watch the clock & calendar:
The time of day and day of the week should be playing a role in when you’re posting to Facebook. Instead of posting first thing in the morning when most people are rushing to get the kids to school and make a quick cup of coffee before the commute to work, try posting between 5PM-1AM. During these times, your Facebook posts will get more interaction – a tried and true method! Weekends are also a great time to post since less people are posting and more people are looking and engaging! Of course every audience is unique, but this is a general guideline.

Who knew so much thought had to go into posting on Facebook? All of these factors can help increase your engagement by just making a few changes in how you create your Facebook posts. Make sure to always reach your maximum potential by following our tips for posting to Facebook!