Blogging great content is everything these days. It seems like everyone is a “blogger” and trying to win at writing the best content. It’s important to stand out from the rest. Make a plan and follow our tips on how to write awesome blog posts.

Be original

Stand out from the other bloggers by writing something original. Share your own experiences in blog posts. This will give your blogs a unique, genuine touch. Be a cupcake in a world full of muffins, you’ve got this! If you’re good at coming up with catchy headlines or funny captions, use them! This is the best place to showcase what sets you apart.

Be relevant

Stop and think to yourself, “What do I want to read?” You have to write what people want to read, point blank. Your blog should never be about just selling. Readers who land on your page will quickly pick up on that and probably never visit your blog again. Be helpful, be real, and don’t just be a used car salesman.

Be consistent

Stick to your schedule. Blogging twice a month is fine, but if that’s what you’re committing to – FULLY commit. We all need a little motivation sometimes. Find what works for you and use it to help you stay on track. A donut after you finish a blog post? Sure, why not?

Be savvy

Check your spelling & grammar! We can’t stress this enough. Nothing says amateur like a “they’re” & “their” mixup. It’s fine to type like you talk, but constant spelling and grammar mistakes are unforgivable. If you’ve used statistics, make sure you’ve pulled them from reputable sources (and NOT a Pinterest infographic).

Be visual

Readers’ eyes are going to be drawn to your visual content first. Add some photos and/or video to your blog posts to spark (and keep) their interest. Always use high-quality imagery — please don’t add low resolution blurry photos! There are some great free stock photo websites out there. Take advantage!

Be provoking

Readers tend to click more on blog titles that begin with “Tips to” and “How to.” Use those to grab more attention. If you’re blogging a pie recipe, use something along the lines of “How to Make the Best Damn Pie Ever.” You get the idea.

Be social

Get the word out there about your amazing blog post. Post it everywhere that it is relevant. If you’re a business blogger, post it to your LinkedIn page. If you’re a food blogger, Pinterest is going to be your best friend! Find out where your audience lives on social media and get social!

Be analytical

Use tools such as Google Analytics to see how your blog posts are doing. Google Analytics is FULL of helpful information to help you tailor your posts and improve them for the future. A wealth of information is truly at your fingertips.

Ready to write that amazing blog post now? Go for it! And don’t forget to treat yourself with that donut when you’re done.

If you’ve decided that this just isn’t for you, then let us do all the work! Our skilled copywriters can write for any topic you need!