“What would I share?”

Twitter is a content sharing goldmine. Thousands of text posts, images, videos, quotes, and questions are being posted in real-time each second, so it’s extremely important for your business to be a member of the Twitter family and use it as a medium to communicate with your customers and prospects. It’s especially smart for your company to create a social strategy in advance and choose what types of posts your audience would enjoy. Remember, engagement is everything. The more conversation, mentions, and RTs, the better! Don’t flood your audience’s feed too much with things they don’t care to see and won’t interact with. These types of Twitter posts work best to generate maximum engagement.

Images – Tweets with images generally drive double the post engagement. Remember, the Twitter feed is constantly moving, so pictures tend to be way catchier than text posts. Picture posts spark more emotion and imagination in social media users than text, and therefore users are more likely to comment on or RT them! Images should be compelling and vary in style. Some may be fun graphics or promotional snapshots of your product, and some could be a behind the scenes look at your company’s day-in-the-life, or something that personalizes the user’s experience.

Information – Users love to share content that they learn from and feel would be useful to their followers, especially when it’s as easy as clicking the retweet button. These posts could be in the form of helpful statistics and tips, or tweets answering a common FAQ. Statistics and tips distinguish your company as a trusted source of information, and answering questions often will allow viewers to see and be impressed by your customer service efforts.

Inspiration – Your fans will appreciate a fun or motivational quote to start their day with, or posts with a little touch of humor. Quotes are very commonly shared both in the form of text and images and allows users to feel inspired and connect with your brand on a personal level. Funny posts or pictures can balance more serious and promotional posts with personality and relaxation. More people are bound to share a post if it brightens their day and makes them smile!

Each audience will be different and prefer to share and engage with different types of content. 101 Management specializes in analyzing business audiences and determining which types of content would be best for your company’s social media strategy. Trying to grow your social media reach? Contact us today!