Have you updated the SEO information and meta data on your website lately? Chances are you either a) don’t know what I’m talking about OR b) hired an expert to do it for you a long time ago. Regardless, if it hasn’t been updated recently, then you probably need to refresh the SEO information for many reasons.

Priorities & Goals Change
Perhaps when you first started your small business, you only sold shoes. As your company grew, you were able to add a new SKU and started selling socks too! Your SEO information and meta data don’t reflect this change and now you need to add new keywords to include socks or your other new products and services.

Your Competitors Change
As time goes on, your competitors may change, evolve, or go out of business. This highly effects the SEO strategy that you should have in place. You may need to include new keyword phrases, links, and blog topics to beat your new competition.

Algorithms Change
The method in which your website is ranked is determined by over 200 factors. Google makes daily changes to their algorithm and has already changed over 40 times this month alone, which means that if you’re not keeping up, you may fall behind (literally). It’s important to have an SEO expert who knows exactly how to get you the results you want.


If you want to take a try and update your own WordPress website, then follow these steps below:

  1. Add & activate the FREE All In One SEO plugin to your WordPress website. (Note: They aren’t paying me to promote this plugin. I just like it better than the others.)
  2. There will be a lot of overwhelming options in the General Settings tab, but they do a great job of pre-setting most for you. The important fields to fill in on this page will be the “Home Page Settings.” My advice is to check out what your #1 competitor is doing and optimize your title, description, and keywords to be better.
  3. Go to each page of your website and at the bottom of the editor fill in the title, description, and keywords for every page. There will be more options below the fields to further customize your SEO settings for that page, but if you are not an expert then I do not recommend selecting any of them.

all in one seo plugin experts


In just 3 easy steps, you’ve just partially search engine optimized your website! Congratulations!

If you’re looking for an SEO expert to do this for you, we would be more than happy to give your website a free SEO review to see how we can help improve your search engine rankings.