Did you know that nearly HALF of all small businesses still have websites that aren’t mobile optimized? If you’re one of them, now is the time! Has your hold-up been confusion on why it’s so important? We’re about to break it down for you on why it’s of the utmost importance for your website to be optimized for cell phone browsing and buying.

Most users browse from their phones.

On an average walk through your local mall, how many people do you see on their phones? Is your answer, “too many?” Well, that’s the generational trend and definitely the wave of the future. People shop from their phones (& tablets) now as a majority and want information delivered more quickly than ever.

Instant gratification wins, folks.

Why would anyone shop from a slow and outdated website where they have to continuously pinch down to size and read about your products? Especially when they can visit a competitor’s page who loads at lightening speed and fits their iPhone screen perfectly. Times have changed and it’s always important to keep up with technology trends. Don’t let your competition steal your spotlight!

Social apps make it easier to shop.

Social apps like Pinterest, Facebook, and even Instagram are making it easier to shop with just the tap of a button on their screen. Convenience is everything, especially to millennials. When a Pinterest browser comes across a cute pair of shoes that she just decided she can’t live without, she can click the pin and it’ll bring her right to your website – from her phone. Make it easier for her to buy it.

It’s a personalized and engaging experience.

Personalization has become the rule, not the exception. Everyone wants a personalized experience! Your brand will be more likable when you offer a more satisfying mobile experience for your audience. Think about it from your own perspective. Which would you prefer to shop from?


If you’re wondering if your website is mobile optimized, pull up your website from a smartphone and check the following:

  1. How fast does it load? It should load in less than 3 seconds.
  2. Where is your eye first drawn? Your eye should be drawn to key selling points.
  3. Is your content easy to read? Nothing should be jumbled or too small/big to read.
  4. Is your page easy to navigate? There should be a clear menu button and no overwhelming information splattered all over.
  5. Do you have a call-to-action? Customers should be able to shop or contact you with ease.
  6. Would you want to shop from this website? If the answer is no, you need some help in optimizing your website! Contact us & we’d be happy to help.