Today, Facebook announced an update to the way messages will be delivered. Most of the updates were needed – like streamlining the process and putting all of your messages into one place, whether sent from mobile or desktop via text, email, message, or chat. There is also a new filtering option, allowing you to choose which messages you will see in your inbox. The spammy messages get sent to timeout or as Facebook calls it, “The Other Folder.” You will not be notified of these “other” messages and will never know they are there unless you click on that folder within your “Messages” page.

Now to the juicy part, where Facebook asks for your money. Facebook is implementing a semi-guaranteed way to ensure your messages will be delivered. If you want to send messages to anyone you are not friends with, and (almost) guarantee they receive it in their inbox, then you have to pay a fee. Of course, this will help to get rid of unwanted and spam messages, but this leads to the bigger question… What will we pay for next?

Read about the updates directly from the Facebook Newsroom: