Google algorithms rule the web with an iron fist, rewarding sites that are search engine optimized, and severely punishing those that are not. Google adores social media pages. They are highly ranked because they employ the most fundamental rules of search engine optimization:

    • Millions of visitors daily
    • Content is updated frequently
    • Utilize popular search and trending terms
    • Captivate people’s interests through digital media
    • Succinct, easy to read web copy
    Activity runs rampant on social media sites, more so than conventional company websites. Every millisecond, someone is posting an update about the cereal they ate that morning, the sports team that didn’t make it to the playoffs, or the amazing nap they just took. No matter how insignificant a moment is, people feel the need to upload it onto social media. It is this very obsession with the digital sphere that makes social media sites so powerful. The high levels of activity make them a powerhouse on the search engines.

    So what can we all learn from this? It is no secret that updating content  on your website via blogging helps SEO. It doesn’t matter how tedious it may seem, publishing blogs on your website is the best way to get users to visit. Updating content regularly, building links, and discussing trending topics will ultimately captivate an audience. So get going. Start blogging!


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