A recent survey found that most people who use apps on their mobile devices consistently stick with just a handful. This means that, even if your business provides a specially designed app for your customers, chances are they’re not accessing it very often. Which means you’re leaving money on the table, in the form of additional business you could be getting from them but aren’t.

You need to make your app for your business one that your customers will return to again and again. What can you do to increase customer usage of your app? Here are three tips, plus a caution.

1. Let customers know you have one

This might seem elementary, but if your customers don’t know you have an app available, how can they download and use it? Make sure the existence of your app appears in every marketing tool you use, from social media to every instance of customer contact. This, of course, will be part of the detailed marketing strategy that 101 Management, Inc., will design especially for your business.

2. Add value to their buying experience

Let’s say you are an event planner, specifically a wedding planner. You could offer an app that helps them schedule and then track the completion of various milestones leading up to the wedding. Or you could offer an app that allows them to compare features, benefits and prices of various wedding venues. If you sell furniture, you could provide an app that shows them how that sofa they’re eyeing could fit into their existing living room layout.

3. Solve a problem for them

The problem might be something related to what you sell, or it might even be a problem with what they have purchased from you. If it’s the latter, you will want a simple app that lets them contact you directly with a complaint or question. For the former, you’ll want to get creative. If you sell pet supplies, for example, you could offer an app that lets them find reliable pet sitters in their area.

4. Make sure the app’s ROI is worth it

Even with the advent of cheaper development, you’ll also have the ongoing cost of maintaining your app. Remember that, even today, half the population doesn’t use mobile devices. Be sure your target audience will actually appreciate and use any apps you offer. Again, 101 Management, Inc., can help you make this evaluation.

In short, if your app is one that your customers decide they need, they will use it over and over, and thereby keep your business in the forefront of their consciousness, increase loyalty to your product or service, and make them feel you’re paying attention to their needs. The old adage, “Find a need and fill it” still holds true in the digital age.