The smart phone is the new computer, and that trend seems here to stay indefinitely. The necessity for mobile compatibility is on the steady rise- the bulk of the population will view your website for the first time on their mobile device, rather than their computer. You want your market to be impressed, not disappointed by a subpar mobile site. The importance has heightened, no one is amazed by an insufficient website on their phone, especially one that isn’t optimized. Your viewers will see your site as outdated and quickly look elsewhere. Stay current!

A good mobile website is easy to navigate, first and foremost. It only takes mere seconds for someone to get frustrated by not being able to find what they’re looking for with convenience and no-nonsense. You also want your mobile site to be clean and never jumbled- sifting through a website is easier on a computer, not when someone is rushing to make the subway during rush hour trying to find the address of your new restaurant. You also want your brand to be clear- it still needs to speak of what you’re all about and be a mini version of your desktop site with the same theme, colors, logos, visual cues, etc. Don’t make it too plain and uninteresting! Another key feature is speed; there is a definite need for speed! Put the pedal to the metal and make sure your mobile website isn’t slow as molasses if you want to keep your mobile customer base (which could be your main base) happy. Not having proper navigational tools, clean site space, your brand tones present, or a swiftly moving site can make your target market shop elsewhere.