As we reported here recently, 35 percent of teens use Snapchat more often than any other social media platform, and 69 percent of all teens say they use it daily. Of those, 51 percent use it approximately 11 times a day and spend more than a half-hour each day on the app.

With exposure like this, if you have a product or service that appeals to this demographic, we suggest you’ll want to incorporate Snapchat into your marketing strategy. You’ll also want to consider it if you want to appeal to their parents because, since teens are still living at home, there’s a good chance what you have to offer will also be exposed to them.

In addition, older users are starting to find the platform. This includes 79 percent of 18-24-year olds and 48 percent of those ages 25-35. Therefore, you really need to consider Snapchat as a viable marketing platform, with its 188 million active daily users.

So how can you best maximize your Snapchat inputs? Here’s a quick guide.


Snapchat Basics

The Snapchat messaging platform is available only as an app on mobile devices. Users communicate with friends using brief videos and photos, as well as video calls and text messaging.

The feature that sets Snapchat apart from other social media platforms is the fact that your updates (aka, “snaps”) disappear once your followers (known as “friends” on Snapchat) view them. This creates a sense of immediacy, but it also means your snaps must leave a lasting impression on viewers.

The exception to this rule is the “stories” feature (which Instagram and Facebook later “borrowed”), which last for 24 hours. They play like mini-movies, allowing you to tell a “story” with your photos and brief videos. They are then shared with fans and other viewers.


Snapchat Marketing Strategies


Post frequently

Because users show up every day, you’ll want to offer them fresh content on a daily basis. But don’t overdo it unless you have some memorable or remarkable content to share.


Be authentic

This means being yourself and sharing the good and not-so-good about your business. Remember the primary demographic for this messaging platform and the fact that they’ve grown up with social media. They’ll be able to spot packaged marketing from a mile away.


Make “fun” your watchword

Snapchat is primarily an entertainment medium, so keep content light and amusing. This keeps your friends coming back for more.


Steal your own followers

You no doubt have many fans on your other social media sites. Take advantage of them by promoting your Snapchat posts there.  On your Instagram bio, for example, you can announce that you have a Snapchat account, and provide a link. Do the same for Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or whatever social media sites you post to regularly. Also, be sure to feature your Snapchat icon on your website’s header, footer, and sidebar, as well as your contact page.


What to post

Again, Snapchat users are savvy, and will stop following you if all your content is marketing-related. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use the platform to feature inside info about your business. The key is to try to have a good mix of personal/entertaining content and business-related promos.


In addition to fun photos or videos relating to your product, you can:

  • offer promo codes, coupons, or discounts relating to your product or service;
  • take friends behind the scenes with you and your staff;
  • give tips on ways to use your product
  • promote upcoming events; and,
  • feature user-generated content to boost engagement.


Whether you’re new Snapchat or just looking to boost engagement, we can provide the expertise you need. So be sure to contact us for the latest information on the best ways to incorporate Snapchat into your overall marketing strategy.