Marketing is the bread & butter to your business. Without it, you won’t get very far! But how do you know what’s right for you? There are so many marketing tools these days – social media, content marketing, and running ads just to name a few. While those are big players in the game, never underestimate the power of email marketing for your ecommerce business. A good ‘old fashioned’ email has the power to drive a lot of traffic to your website and get the return on your investment that you’ve been hoping & waiting for – and beyond! If you’re still wondering why, we’re going to break it down for you.

Email marketing drives traffic & sales

As a consumer, imagine checking your inbox when you awaken from the previous night’s slumber just to find your absolute favorite brand is offering an exclusive coupon for the product you’ve been eyeing. JACKPOT! And now you just made the purchase. Just like that, that email converted you into a customer when you had been on the fence.

They’re not just for coupons

While email marketing is great for sending loyal customers discounts and coupons, they can accomplish so much more. What else can you do with these emails?

  • Send company news & updates. New product line for a new season? Send an email!
  • Get reviews & testimonials. Having a tough time getting them through your website? Allow your customers to easily review a product or your brand with a simple email.
  • Offer special holiday discounts & promote sales. If you want that extra push for your flash sale or want to boost sales on a monthly basis, say it with an email. You can send customers a birthday discount on their special day using an automated scheduler.
  • Remind customers about the awesome product they left in their online shopping cart. Maybe they needed that extra little reminder before making the purchase!

Compiling an email list doesn’t have to be daunting

Nowadays, everyone enters their email address when they make a purchase. Don’t let them go to waste. Those are your customers! Compile all of those email address, as well as any you have in your personal or business email accounts & voila! You’ve got your first email list. Build on that as you go.

Email is a personalized experience

We’ve mentioned in a previous post how everyone is searching for that personalized experience. A well-crafted email can accomplish just that. Your platform, whether it be MailChimp or Constant Contact, has areas for you to fill out to make the experience more tailored to each customer. Email ‘deals’ also feel more exclusive to the consumer. A 10% discount JUST for being in a loyal fan of your brand? YES, that’s what they’re looking for!

If you weren’t considering email marketing for your ecommerce business before, we certainly hope that you’re thinking about it now! Email marketing is a fantastic tool for driving traffic and sales to your website while giving the consumer a personalized & exclusive experience.