As of recently, Facebook has added some new and interesting features for personal and business use. Facebook is constantly updating and evolving to new trends and industry standards, but they’ve definitely kicked it up a notch this time! These new Facebook features; an “ad relevance score,” a suicide prevention tool, and a feature that allows you to choose who will be the admin of your Facebook page when you die, are all unique and have people talking. So let’s see what all the talk is about, Facebook!

Ad Relevance Score:
Running ads on Facebook for your business can often seem time consuming, especially when you’re not even sure how effectively relevant they are to your target market. Facebook’s new ad relevance tracker might be your answer! The “ad relevance score” rates your ads on a scale from 1-10 on how much engagement they get, per ad. This score allows you to use the process of elimination on your ads by seeing what works and what ultimately doesn’t. Getting a score towards the higher end of the spectrum (10), means your ad is relevant, and getting a lower score means the opposite. Your score is based on an algorithm, which Facebook has claimed to have perfected!

Suicide Prevention:
Just announced by Facebook is the “Suicide Prevention” feature. Facebook will be adding a tab to your friend’s posts that will allow you to flag it as concerning, just as you would “report” a post. From there, the concerned Facebooker has options to contact the user for support or take it a step further and contact a suicide hotline. Facebook itself will evaluate the post and if needed, will contact the user themselves via private message offering help. What a great feature!

Legacy Contact – Admin After Death:
It’s a rather morbid feature, but Facebook makes a good point yet again! Someone needs to have access to your account when death knocks. Whether it’s to inform of any potential memorial services, notify friends & family, or to just deactivate the account so there is privacy and peace; somebody (your legacy contact!) has to do it! Of course there are certain privacy features in place regarding reading private messages, etc. You can find this new feature in your security settings, as well as other settings for when that time comes.

Facebook will continue to evolve, we’re sure of that. These 3 features are so unique, and show how much thought has gone into them! With all these new features popping up, we’re excited to see what’s next for Facebook – we can’t even imagine what it might be!